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TW Deck Safe - 100% Sodium Percarbonate

TW Deck Safe - 100% Sodium Percarbonate

TW Deck Safe - 100% Sodium Percarbonate is the environmentally friendly choice for all wood surfaces.

Unlike harsh alkaline cleaners, Sodium Percarbonate, also known as oxygenated bleach or solid hydrogen peroxide, does not work by increasing the pH of the solution it’s in. Instead, when dissolved in water, sodium percarbonate releases hydrogen peroxide and carbonate ions. Hydrogen peroxide is effective for breaking down stains, dirt, and organic compounds through oxidation.

Sodium percarbonate is considered more environmentally friendly compared to chlorine-based bleaches because it breaks down into water, oxygen, and carbonate without leaving harmful residues.

TW Deck Safe will remove light organic growth, dirt and weathering.

We highly recommend using TW Deck Bright to brighten and neutralize the surface after cleaning.

* 50 pound containers ship hazmat and are only available through ground shipping.


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  • TW Deck Cleaner is intended for use on all soft and hardwood decks, fences, patios and other wood installations. Always wear proper protective equipment when using, mixing, applying, or otherwise handling this product. Always do a test spot with this product in an out of the way area prior to full application.

-Thoroughly wet the surface to be treated prior to application.

-Mix 4-8 ounces of TW Deck Cleaner per gallon of water.

-Apply using a sprayer, brush, or applicator and always from the bottom up on vertical surfaces.

-Allow 5-25 minutes for solution to dwell; some light scrubbing may be required on very dirty surfaces. Keep the solution wet by misting it lightly with water if it begins to dry out.

-Always work in small sections to prevent product from drying.

-When rinsing, use the lowest pressure possible to achieve the desired results. Normally a 25-degree meg nozzle (j-rod) will be sufficient. On very dirty surfaces, a white tip may be required.

-Clean in a uniform manner across the entire length of the board, keeping a consistent distance across the entire surface. If stopping and starting is unavoidable, start and stop in a sweeping motion, feathering away from the surface gradually.

  • Use solution within 24 hours of mixing. do not allow solution to dry on any surfaces. After thoroughly rinsing, use TW Deck Bright to achieve the best results.

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