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TW Pro Restore

TW Pro Restore

*This product ships hazmat and incurs a $25 hazmat shipping fee that can be avoided. However, it is only available by ground shipping. To avoid the hazmat shipping fee for quantities of up to 3 gallons, select the "1 gallon in quart containers" option. USDOT allows for multiple containers of less than 1 liter to be shipped non-hazmat, thus avoiding the hazmat shipping fees charged by ground carriers.


Tw Pro Restore is the best all-around building restoration product. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including Limestone, terra cotta, concrete, paint, brick, vinyl, brick and so many more.

TW Pro Restore will remove all types of staining such as copper patina leach, hard water staining on glass, mineral staining, sealer overspray and so many more. This truly is the do it all of building restoration.

Tw Pro Restore will also de-blush, clean, and remove many sealers while still being safe of glass and aluminum frames. 

TW Pro Restore is a biodegradable and does not require brushing. It is excellent on stubborn stains on porous surfaces like stucco and non-polished natural stone.

With so many applications, TW Pro Restore is a must have for any exterior maintenance company!

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This product is to be used as is. DO NOT DILUTE. CAUTION DO NOT allow product to dry on the surface. Always rinse thoroughly. DO NOT use on polished stone and metallic oxide film used for tinting or self-cleaning glass. Not recommended for restoration of antique glass, brass, copper or bronze. Not recommended for horizontal surfaces, with the exception of non-colored concrete. Use lower rinse pressures when cleaning sensitive substrates. When in doubt, follow the manufacturer's recommended P.S.I. for the substrate on which you are working. Extended dwell time is very important when using this product.

Use within temperatures of 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use when temperatures are below freezing. If the surface is over 90 degrees, pre wet the surface with cold water to cool it down.

Always do a test spot on an out of the way area. Use TW Pro Restore at full strength with a low pressure sprayer.

Pre wet the surface to be cleaned, do not soak.

Apply TW Pro Restore and allow to dwell of surface for 5-10 minutes. This will be sufficient for most stains.

On porous surfaces or stubborn stains, apply a second coat of TW Pro Restore and allow to dwell, do NOT rinse between coats. Temperature can affect dwell times.

Rinse surface with pressure recommended by substrate manufacturer.

Always wear proper PPE.

Safety Data Sheet


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As exterior cleaning and restoration contractors ourselves, we were looking for affordable solutions to grow our business. We looked around and couldn't find the right products, at the right price, all in one place, so we created it. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to make sure we come up with the best products available on the market, even improving on some you may already know and use.

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