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TW Industrial Degreaser

TW Industrial Degreaser

*This product ships hazmat and incurs a $25 hazmat shipping fee that can be avoided. However, it is only available by ground shipping. To avoid the hazmat shipping fee for quantities of up to 3 gallons, select the "1 gallon in quart containers" option. USDOT allows for multiple containers of less than 1 liter to be shipped non-hazmat, thus avoiding the hazmat shipping fees charged by ground carriers.


This stuff is some serious degreaser. Dumpster pads caked with a thick layer of grease? Watch it melt away, even with cold water. Tons of grease and compacted dirt on heavy machinery? This stuff eats it up. TW Industrial Degreaser is the absolute heaviest hitter around when it comes to breaking down grease and emulsifying oils. This is a hazmat product and should be treated as such, proper PPE is always required when using this product. 

TW Industrial Degreaser produces a thick, heavy foam that penetrates deep into oily messes and breaks them down fast. If you do restaurant or drive through work, clean heavy machinery, or clean anything greasy regularly, try substituting TW Industrial Degreaser and you will immediately notice huge difference from whatever you're currently using. Brighter concrete, less oil staining, higher foam profile, higher dilution ability, and lower price. The concentrated Caustic + Butyl formula is unmatched, and best of all, you don't need hot water!

This product can be used at full strength, but it should not be necessary. Ideal dilution when down streaming for general cleaning is 1:3 - 1:4. Spot treatment of heavy oil staining can be done at 1:1-1:4.


 This Product ships Hazmat and is only available through ground shipping.

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TW Industrial Degreaser is a highly concentrated formula. We recommend diluting the product at a 1:1 first, then diluting per application.

The optimal dilution ratio after initial dilution is between 1 part chemical to 12 parts water and 1 part chemical to 1 parts water.

Dilution ratio will depend on how dirty the substrate is and what the surface to be cleaned is.

For use with a downstream injector, we recommend a 1:1 mixture to account for the injector dilution.

Detail clean from bottom up and rinse from the top down. TW Industrial Degreaser is a very powerful detergent and thus testing a small area prior to cleaning is highly suggested.

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