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Triple Oxide Strip - Deck Stripper Concentrate with Butyl

Triple Oxide Strip - Deck Stripper Concentrate with Butyl

*This product ships hazmat and incurs a $25 hazmat shipping fee that can be avoided. However, it is only available by ground shipping. To avoid the hazmat shipping fee for quantities of up to 3 gallons, select the "1 gallon in quart containers" option. USDOT allows for multiple containers of less than 1 liter to be shipped non-hazmat, thus avoiding the hazmat shipping fees charged by ground carriers.


Triple Oxide Strip - Deck Stripper Concentrate is NOT the regular big box store formula. Triple Oxide Strip is a super concentrated caustic stripping solution for stubborn paint, stain and other coatings. 

-Triple Oxide Strip will work on wood and concrete without harm to the underlying substrate. It works to emulsify dirt, grease, oil, paint and stain. It can be used with hot or cold water and rinses free with both. 

-Triple Oxide Strip is our strongest stripper and will tackle even the most stubborn water based finishes.

-For wood surfaces, always use TW Deck Brighten after Triple Oxide Strip has been thoroughly rinsed. This will help to balance the pH of the wood and neutralize the high alkalinity of Triple Oxide Strip.


*Always read warnings and directions prior to use.

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Must be diluted before use, 1 gallon makes 5 gallons.

The optimum cleaning dilution for most surfaces is between 1:2 and 1:4.

When stripping paint, stains and sealers use at full strength.

Thoroughly wet the entire area to be cleaned. Broom out any puddles of water. Spray solution on with a low pressure applicator, let stand to penetrate for ten minutes. Stubborn areas of layered paint may require brushing and reapplication of Triple Oxide Strip.

Rinse with low pressure to avoid damage to wood, high pressure rinse on concrete.

FOR CLEANING ASPHALT SHINGLES: SUPER STRIPPER is a Super Concentrate and is meant to be diluted before being used for roof cleaning. 1 gallon will make 4.


When cleaning with a pressure washer and if on a vertical surface, always apply cleaning solutions from the bottom up and rinse from the top down. Do not use on polished or anodized aluminum. Do not use on any aluminum or painted surfaces at use concentrations of less than 1:40. Do not allow to dry on surfaces. Always rinse thoroughly.

Safety Data Sheet

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