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Triple Orange - Tropical Citrus Scented Soft Wash Surfactant

Triple Orange - Tropical Citrus Scented Soft Wash Surfactant

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Triple Orange is a versatile product that can be used for both roof and house washing, making it an indispensable addition to your cleaning toolkit. Its complex blend of surfactants acts as a powerful surface cleaner and detergent, effectively breaking down dirt, grime, and organic stains on a variety of surfaces. Triple Orange works wonders on its own, but it truly excels when combined with bleach, enhancing the bleach's cleaning power while providing a pleasant orange scent that masks the harsh chemical odor.

This remarkable flexibility allows you to tailor your cleaning process to meet specific needs. Whether you need a strong detergent for general cleaning or an enhanced solution for tackling tough stains, Triple Orange has you covered. You can batch mix it with bleach for large-scale jobs or use it in a downstream injector or proportioning system for more controlled application. No matter the method, Triple Orange ensures outstanding results every time.

Its foam-generating properties increase dwell time, allowing the cleaning solution to cling to vertical surfaces longer for deeper penetration and more effective cleaning. This is particularly useful for roof washing, where the foam helps the solution stay in place on sloped surfaces, ensuring comprehensive coverage and a thorough clean.



Start by mixing 1-2 oz. of Triple Orange per gallon of 12% bleach. Adjust the concentration to achieve the desired foam characteristics, but be cautious not to overuse, as this can overly thicken the bleach solution and make application difficult. For cleaning vertical surfaces, apply the solution from the bottom upwards and rinse from the top down. Ensure the solution does not dry on the surfaces. Always rinse thoroughly after application.

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