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Triple Cleanse BC - All Purpose Alkaline Cleaner

Triple Cleanse BC - All Purpose Alkaline Cleaner

*This product ships hazmat and incurs a $25 hazmat shipping fee that can be avoided. However, it is only available by ground shipping. To avoid the hazmat shipping fee for quantities of up to 3 gallons, select the "1 gallon in quart containers" option. USDOT allows for multiple containers of less than 1 liter to be shipped non-hazmat, thus avoiding the hazmat shipping fees charged by ground carriers.


The all around best multi surface cleaner! Triple Cleanse BC will tackle tough staining, grime, oil stains, and stubborn oxidation. Triple Cleanse BC can also be used as a neutralizing agent for acidic restoration cleaners. 

Twice the concentration as the Competitions products!

Triple Cleanse BC is suitable for most surfaces including brick, limestone, granite, concrete, EIFS, vinyl siding, roofs, awnings and fiberglass and more. 

Triple Cleanse BC is most often used as a building restoration cleaner. Pair with TW Pro Restoration for complete masonry restoration.

Use as an alternative to bleach for those picky clients and for stains that bleach will not work on.

When used on concrete, Triple Cleanse BC will remove carbon, oil, tire and other stains. It will also brighten the concrete following removal of soils, giving a fresh restored look without the use of an acid component.

Dilutions will vary with Triple Cleanse BC. Some operator discretion will be needed. For more information, please see directions or reach out to us directly.

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Triple Cleanse BC does not mix with bleach. Do not allow product to dry on a hot surface. Water pretreatment is generally not necessary. Test a small surface prior to cleaning to determine compatibility before broad based use. Always test chemical in an "out-of-the-way" area. Allow surface to dry thoroughly before evaluating final appearance and results.

For Brushless Cleaning:

Use Triple Cleanse BC with two quick applications, which should lead to complete soil release. For brushless rinsing use no less than 1,000 psi. Craftsmanship determines the appropriate pressures for rinsing.

When cleaning with pressure washers, be sure to account for dilution through a downstream injector and apply cleaning solution from the bottom up on a dry surface. Always detail clean from the bottom up and rinse from the top down.

Suggested Dilutions:

Dilutions will vary based on the severity of the stain and type of surface. With hot water, product can be diluted further than with cold water.

-Heavy oil stains, stained wood and brushless oxidation removal – 1:1 to 1:2

Medium soil, lighter oil stains - 1:3 to 1:10

Light soil / general degreasing - 1:11 to 1:20

Coverage rates will vary from 100 - 250 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the surface porosity, texture and severity of staining.

Safety Data Sheet

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As exterior cleaning and restoration contractors ourselves, we were looking for affordable solutions to grow our business. We looked around and couldn't find the right products, at the right price, all in one place, so we created it. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to make sure we come up with the best products available on the market, even improving on some you may already know and use.

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