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Soft Wash Blend Manifold

Soft Wash Blend Manifold

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Built with all Banjo schedule 80 PVC Fittings and George Fischer Metering valves.

-Choose between 1/2" or 3/4" fittings.

      -3/4" fittings include 3/4" barbs, fittings and check valves. GF Metering valves are only available in 1/2". Proper adapters are included.

-Absolute best metering valves available on the market.

-These manifolds come assembled using TruBlu pipe sealant. Due to the sealant curing time, manifolds have a two day lead time prior to shipping.

-Can be built with 3 or 4 inlets and valves.


  • GF 1/2" Metering ball valves
  • PVC check valves with stainless steel springs
  • Banjo sch. 80 cross
  • Banjo sch. 80 street elbows
  • Banjo sch. 80 nipples (1 or 2 Long style for spacing)
  • Banjo sch. 80 barbed fittings

-These Manifolds are meant for 12V soft wash systems only. For manifolds with 3/4" or 1" metering valves, meant for larger air and gas soft wash systems, check out our Made-to-Measure blend manifolds.

Hoses are not included, but we carry every type of hose needed to plumb this system, as well as soft wash applicator hose.


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