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Triple Wide Restoration Products

Meg Nozzles - 1/4 threaded

Meg Nozzles - 1/4 threaded

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1/4 Threaded 'meg" nozzles.

-Used for high pressure, surface cleaners, and J-rods / Soft Wash.

-Hardened Stainless steel.

-5000 PSI rated

****Please make sure you choose the correct nozzle sizes. If you are unsure, please call us or fill out a contact form to avoid having to pay return shipping and re-stocking fee!

Generally the orifice sizes starting with a # symbol will be for j-rods The sizes with an 0.0 format will be for surface cleaners and high pressure applications.

Popular sizes:

25020 - For 2 nozzle bar with 4 gpm washer, or 4 nozzle bar 8 gpm washer.

25025 - For 2 nozzle bar 5 gpm washer, or 4 nozzle bar 8 and 10 gpm washer.

25030 - For 2 nozzle bar 5.5 gpm washer.

25050 - For 2 nozzle bar 10 gpm washer.


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