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Huson Float Valve - Kit or Individual

Huson Float Valve - Kit or Individual

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The Hudson Float Valve is an absolute game changer for your rig. It automatically shuts off the flow of water coming from the water source into your buffer tank once it's full, preventing overflow, back flow, and possible damage to plumbing and pumps. 

The Hudson Float Valve is different from classic float valves in that it does not use a hinge or float tank to operate.  Instead, it uses an all-internal design that takes up a smaller footprint and provides an easier and more durable product.

Choose either the float valve on its own or order the install kit for everything you need to get it installed.

Kit includes:

  • x1 Hudson Float Valve 
  • x1 1-inch Banjo bulkhead fitting
  • x1 1-inch banjo nipple
  • x1 1-inch x 3/4-inch Banjo elbow

NOTE: The bulkhead fitting should be installed so that the long-threaded part sticks up through the top of the tank. Bulkhead fittings are reverse threaded, so lefty tighty, righty looosey.


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