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Hood-ini - Caustic Hood Cleaner and Degreaser

Hood-ini - Caustic Hood Cleaner and Degreaser

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Hood-ini is a robust, free-rinsing Potassium Hydroxide based cleaner specifically formulated to tackle the toughest greases and fats in commercial kitchens. Its powerful formula effortlessly removes carbon stains, grease, oil, tar, and burnt deposits from a variety of kitchen surfaces, ensuring a spotless and hygienic environment.

Particularly effective in Chinese restaurants, Hood-ini excels in removing stubborn stains that other cleaners struggle to handle. It's also an excellent choice for tackling the heavy grease buildup commonly found in fast food establishments, making it a versatile solution for any high-traffic kitchen.

For optimal results, use Hood-ini with hot water, and consider pre-spraying it on the most challenging areas for enhanced cleaning power. The solution rinses off completely at any temperature, leaving no residue behind.

Experience the exceptional cleaning power of Hood-ini and keep your commercial kitchen pristine and grease-free.


For optimal results, dilute at a ratio of 1 part cleaner to 100 parts water with hot-water pressure washers. If using cold water, a higher dilution is recommended for optimal results. When using pressure washers, apply the cleaning solution to a dry surface, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Always perform detailed cleaning from the bottom up and rinse from the top down. Avoid using this product on anodized or polished aluminum surfaces. Do not let the solution dry on any surface. Ensure thorough rinsing after application. 

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As exterior cleaning and restoration contractors ourselves, we were looking for affordable solutions to grow our business. We looked around and couldn't find the right products, at the right price, all in one place, so we created it. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to make sure we come up with the best products available on the market, even improving on some you may already know and use.

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