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Gx 630-690 | 300-hour maintenance kit

Gx 630-690 | 300-hour maintenance kit

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It is extremely important to follow the manufacturers maintenance schedule! These engines and pumps will last a very long time with proper maintenance and care. Remember, oil is cheaper than an engine!

At 300 hours Honda recommends an oil change with fuel filter and oil filter replacement, cleaning or replacement of the air filter, and new spark plugs. Whether you are running a Comet, GP, AR, Udor or any other pressure pump, the pump oil will need to be changed every 300 hours. 

This kit includes everything you need to perform this simple maintenance on your own.

  • 2 Quarts of Mobile1 full synthetic 10W-30
  • OEM Honda oil filter replacement
  • 2 replacement spark plugs pre-gapped to Honda specifications
  • Replacement air cleaner 
  • Replacement fuel filter with fittings and clamps
  • 2 quarts of Premium non-detergent, high pressure pump oil

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