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Foster Premium Stainless Steel Quick Connects

Foster Premium Stainless Steel Quick Connects

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Foster Stainless Steel Quick Connects are the absolute top tier of fittings. Manufactured to the highest quality and machined to the tightest specs, these fittings are a game changer.

Foster has been in the game a long time and they know how to manufacture extremely high-quality parts. Our contracting company has used them for the past 5 years and we won't go back.

Because the price on these is so much higher than standard stainless steel quick connects, we only recommend using them on hose ends that are constantly being used. The end of your DN-10 ball valve that is constantly being switched from gun to surface cleaner, and the end of your pressure gun or your soft wash gun where you are constantly switching between fan, stream, soap, and rinse are two perfect examples. Using them on all hose connections isn't necessary.

The release action of these quick connects is extremely smooth, no more fighting with sticky or leaking quick connects with wet or bleach covered hands. The life expectancy on Foster sockets is also much longer than standard quick connects. We have personally seen them go multiple seasons without seizing up or failing in any way.

The price tag on these fittings may be high but consider the longevity and ease of use that comes with them. This is truly a buy once cry once type of product and we know you won't be disappointed.


As always, feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns. We love sharing our experience and knowledge with anyone who is in need. Call us directly at 828-585-2066 or email us at

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