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Duraview Inlet Filter

Duraview Inlet Filter

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If you are not running an inlet filter to your pressure washer, stop what you're doing and get one now!

All sorts of sediment and general crap can come out of client's water spigots, especially if they are on a well. This sediment and buildup can and will get caught in your pressure washer pump and cause it to clog or break the check valves and seals. This will lead to pump cavitation, leaking, and no buildup of pressure. 

Avoid all of that by installing a pre-pump filter, they are cheap and simple to install.

This Duraview filter is only recommended for those NOT using a buffer tank, but rather connecting directly to a water spigot with a garden hose.

These filters come with a 1/2" MPT fitting on your pump side and a 3/4" female garden hose thread on the supply side.

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