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Polish Safe Series - 2-Step Truck Wash

Polish Safe Series - 2-Step Truck Wash

The Polish Safe Series 2-Step system is designed for heavy duty, over-the-road trucks and trailers with polished surfaces.

-The powerful one-two punch of the low Ph presoak and high pH cleaner deliver incredible results without the use of Hydrofluoric Acid or corrosive cleaners.

-This system is designed for quick and efficient brushless cleaning to maximize profits and deliver excellent results every time.


-When Should You 2-Step?

Two step systems are designed for fleets or trucks that are cleaned on a regular or semi-regular basis. Trucks and trailers that have not been cleaned in a long time may benefit from an initial cleaning using a product like Tried and True with brushing and hand detailing. Once an initial cleaning has been performed, a regular to semi-regular maintenance cleaning with Polish Safe Series 2-Step system will deliver extraordinary brushless results when used as directed. Some user discretion will be necessary when performing any 2-step cleaning. 


-How Does it Work?

Two step cleaning involves the use of a low pH presoak to attack dirt, grime and oxidation on metal surfaces, followed by a high pH cleaner to remove road film and contaminants, leaving a flawless finish without the need for brushing. Simply apply Step one to the entire area of the vehicle or trailer being cleaned and allow it to dwell for 5-10 minutes, keeping wet the whole time. On trucks or trailers that have gone a long time between cleaning, a stronger mix of Step 1 can be used or directly applied via sprayer to areas like wheels, brush guards and bumpers. After dwell time, simply apply Step 2 directly over Step 1 without rinsing in-between. Enjoy watching all the dirt and road film literally melt off of the surface. About 5-10 minutes after Step 2 application, rinse the surface thoroughly. Thats it! Take pride in the incredible results and share some awesome photos with us!

Different types of pre-soaks and cleaners are better suited for different types of surfaces. Polish Safe Series is for use on heavy duty trucks and trailers that DO have polished or anodized aluminum surfaces. Step 1 in the Polish Safe Series contains NO Hydrofluoric Acid. Instead, Phosphoric and Sulfuric Acids are used to achieve the same results without harming polished surfaces. Step 2 contains no corrosive cleaners that can have adverse effects on polished surfaces. 

-Polish Safe Series 2-Step System is available as a ready to use kit of two 5-Gallon pails to be used at 1:20 - 1:25 for each part, or as a concentrate kit. The concentrate kit comes in two 5-Gallon pails that MUST be diluted prior to use. Each Pail makes 20 gallons of ready to use product. The concentrate MUST be mixed prior to use. Personal protective equipment including eye and face protection, chemical resistant gloves, and a respirator should always be used when handling concentrated product. Always mix in a very well-ventilated area, or outside, upwind from mixing vessel.



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