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4 GPM - 6 GPM Pressure Washing Plumbing Kit

4 GPM - 6 GPM Pressure Washing Plumbing Kit

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Tank Connection Type

This kit includes all of the fittings and hose needed to plumb a 4-6 gpm presure washer from a buffer tank. The hoses and fittings are specific to the gpm of the pressure washer so please be sure to purchase the correct kit.

There are a couple of variations to this kit so please read the description below. If you are unsure of what connections you need, PLEASE CALL OR MESSAGE US BEFORE PURCHASING!

If you are using a "regular water tank" (horizontal leg tank, vertical storage tank, etc." choose the "Leg Tank" option below. This kit will include all of the parts listed below as well as a 1-inch Banjo Bulkhead fitting for the outlet on the bottom of your tank. If your tank already has a bulkhead, we recommend replacing it with the one in this kit.

If you are using an IBC Tote as your water tank, please choose either option "IBC Camlock" or "IBC Buttress". 

If your IBC tote has a ball valve with a male camlock fitting on the end, choose "IBC camlock". This kit will include a female camlock fitting with the proper adapters to reduce your hose size to 1-inch. The male camlock fitting will look similar to the photo below.

If your IBC tote does not have a camlock fitting but instead has only threading, please choose "IBC Buttress". IBC totes will come with a 2-inch Buttress thread that needs to be converted to pipe thread. This kit will include the buttress adapter and reducer to fit on a 1-inch hose.

All kits include the following:
  • Tank connection fitting (IBC or Bulkhead)
  • 90 degree and straight barb connection from tank (both are included to suite your needs).
  • 15-feet of 1-inch spiral suction hose
  • 1-inch Banjo 80-mesh Y-strainer 
  • 1-inch Banjo barbed fittings for Y-strainer connections.
  • 4-feet of 1/2-inch discharge/filter flush hose with crimped 1/2" fitting and 1/2" ball valve for dumping your tank, rinsing hands, etc.
  • 15-feet of 3/8-inch bypass hose to go from your pressure washer unloader, back to your water tank.
  • 1/2" Banjo bulkhead with a brass 1/2" x 3/8" 90 degree barb to connect your bypass line.
  • 1/2-inch MPT x 1-inch Barb brass fitting to replace the 1/2" barbed fitting on your water inlet side of the pump.
  • 8-foot 6000 PSI double wire whip line with stainless steel quick connects to connect your washer to a hose reel.

You may have other specifics that you need addressed as part of plumbing your system. If this is the case, please reach out to us by phone at 828-585-2066 M-F 8-4pm to go over your specific needs. 

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