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BE Industrial Gas Soft Wash Skid - Comet P40

BE Industrial Gas Soft Wash Skid - Comet P40

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BE Industrial has been putting out awesome machines and equipment for quite some time. With this Spring Special, you don't want to miss out on an amazing machine at an amazing price.

The soft wash system uses low-pressure but high-volume of water mixed with specific detergents for its cleaning power. It is a gentler cleaning method that is ideal for delicate surfaces such as roofs and wood structures.

Commercial Honda engine with excellent weight to power ratio. Designed to be used all day, everyday.

Gear Drive system lowers the 3500 RPM the engine produces to 550 RPM that the pump operates.

High-volume, commercial-grade Comet diaphragm pump has chemical-resistant wet parts that are compatible with aggressive soft wash chemicals.

Single piece manifold for reduced leak points and quicker service.

Molded insets that cannot come loose.

Bolt-on regulator to prevent leaks when adjusting the pressure knob.

Aluminum head plates to prevent flexing of the heads.

Metal oil cup for impact resistance.


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